A Word About 2018


At the start of this new year we welcome and congratulate all of us who made it!  Although 2017 will always be a reference, we now live at start of 2018. The beginning of a new year offers afresh, the promise of possibilities to be achieved.  Which also fosters hopes of new accomplishments and successes.  While each word has utility; there’s one concept that holds an unique power.  And we propose that concept is the word: If.

If is a word which is only two letters long.  Yet it holds the power to bring most ideas and concepts under its’ control.  Plus makes almost every conceivable  possibility valid under its’ management.  This gives people a way to mutually consider things that are not real.  And to examine a sense of the future and what it may hold.  As well as consider new concepts, which may be created on the drawing board of if.  For the idea of if makes possible a conditional world, or state of things.  Because we may ponder them although they may or may not actually exist.

There is liberating power in examining what may be.  Beyond merely grasping what now exists.  And sharing these considerations with others through language, has helped put humanity in the position it now enjoys.  Which is the dominant authority on this planet.  While that same skill for conditional examination allowed us to discover how to place physical objects on other worlds.  More than that, our ongoing explorations give us greater a understanding of what is.  And increasing informs the insight which will determine how, or whether, we continue to flourish.

For how we use it to create and share, potential realities with others; helps form the actual realities we ultimately must live with.  As the cooperative systems of communication form much of the path for our human desire to understand one another.  Since it is in our collective self-interest to preserve, and bolster these idea sharing skills.  For the better we are at effectively transferring meaningful ideas, the more likely we are to generate a path that best leads to our mutual survival.  And it is clear we work wonders, when we work together.

Therefore we have a biased belief that the human race should survive.  Because an important aspect of assuring that worthy outcome is working collectively.  Combing our thoughts and talents to determine the most likely survival strategies ahead of time.  So we recommend bold, and liberal, use of the concept of if; as you plan your new year.  And we believe the exercise of challenging the current understanding of what is possible, has merit on its’ own.  If for no other reason than to keep one in tune with the choices they actually have.  This day can hold the promise, and the seeds, of a productive and successful 2018.  If you plan for it.

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Happy New Year,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc

A Word About Words



I am J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief at Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc.  I welcome you to our new enterprise!   Our staffs’ hope and aim, is offering and describing tools for understanding how many  words (English words) sound.  As well as how to use them accurately, appropriately, and effectively.

It seems reasonable to begin with some general thoughts about our overall subject.  Which is a look at how people use words to create, express, or shield, ideas.  As it relates to sharing information with others.  However, It’s important to define the limits of the discussion, at the start.  This assures that everyone is on the same page.

Almost every thought and action that crosses one’s mind has a corresponding word associated with it.  And we use words to describe our world to ourselves, as well as to others.  Words allow us to conceive, construct, and control our day-to-day lives; as well as interact (successfully) with others.  But they also enable us to confuse, deceive, or manipulate others as well.

Millions of people use words, rely on words, to manage their existence.  But far too often they do not fully appreciate the power of their words.  A careless word, spoken in the wrong context.  Or a word innocently mispronounced. A word used for its’ denotation, but confused for its’ connotation.  And each are examples of how using words can fall short of their intended purpose.  Which is, of course, to understand, and be understood.

The data base we are providing here, is an attempt at beginning a thoughtful first step;  because it offers enhanced clarity on this challenging topic.  As we discuss various words and their sounds.  And the elements of the ‘what’s and how’s’ of these tools for communication.  We welcome any suggestions, thoughts, or observations; which further our stated goals, or ideas for more areas of study.

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Respectfully Yours,

J. A. Stubbs, Editor-In-Chief

Forgotten Lore Publishing, llc